Our Bank’s customers can avail faciliy of transfer of funds from their account with our Bank to beneficiary’s account with another destination Bank Branch, that is registered with RBI’s RTGS system on a real time and on gross settlement basis. They can also receive remittances through this system. This system is the fastest possible interbank money transfer facility available through secure banking channels in India.

RTGS/NEFT enables an efficient, secure, economical and reliable system of transfer of funds from bank to bank as well as from remitter’s account in a particular bank to the beneficiary’s account in another Bank across the country. It is an electronic payment system in which payment instructions between banks are processed and settled individually and continuously on a real time basis.

  •  Safest and secure mode of Fund Transfer.
  •  Credit to Beneficiary’s account on the same day.
  •  No courier/postal expenses for Funds transfer.
  •  Through RTGS, Bank’s customer can also receive
  •  Remittances from their associates, maintaining accounts with other Banks.
  •  Credit to the beneficiary’s account will be given by the Branch of the Beneficiary’s Bank on the same day.

Amount of remittance

Minimum amount of remittance under customer’s transaction through RTGS is asper RBI guidelines.

How to use

  •  Submit the funds transfer application (RTGS) form in the prescribed format to the RTGS enabled Branch of the Bank.
  •  Mention your (Applicant’s) details, Beneficiary’s Bank and Branch name with Indian Financial System Code (IFSC), Beneficiary’s name, Account Type, Account number and amount to be remitted asper RBI guidelines.